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Home & Garden Solutions is the holding company of a Group of four rapidly growing European enterprises: Verasol, Gardendreams, Montage Master and Sunmaster. Together, these companies design, produce and sell high-quality and durable living solutions for home and garden. Custom-fit finished products are delivered through selected dealers and private stores, mainly in the Netherlands and Germany.



Buy-and Build and Roll-out

Buy-and Build and Roll-out

Strengthening of brands in the group

Strengthening of brands in the group

Strengthening of core business

Strengthening of core business


International growth through roll-outs in new markets such as Germany

  • International growth through buy-and build and roll-outs in new markets 
  • Organic growth in countries where H&GS is already active through further intensification of existing distribution channels
  • Reinforcement of the core of the organisation - commerce, services, ERP systems
  • Further digitisation of the organisation

With AAC by our side, we succeed in realising our ambitions in the dynamic and strong growing market of home and garden solutions with a focus on living space, climate and sunscreen solutions. With regards to our further growth, professionalization, internationalization, broadening the platform and ESG ambitions, the AAC team is of great value."

Aart J. Roos, CEO Home & Garden Solutions

Investment date

2017 - current

Deal type

Management Buy Out




€ 100 million