Desotec International out-rolling service concept


Desotec is a specialist in air and water purification solutions based on activated carbon. Through a unique, circular business model with a fleet of mobile filters and proprietary reactivation capabilities, Desotec offers full service solutions to industrial and environmental companies throughout Europe. The company is the European market leader in mobile filtration technology based on activated carbon.

250% EBITDA growth

250% EBITDA growth

European market leader with 1,500 mobile filters

European market leader with 1,500 mobile filters

Doubling of the number of employees (from 50 to 110)

Doubling of the number of employees (from 50 to 110)


  • Attractive company in the fast-growing market for industrial filtration services, due to increasing environmental regulation and enforcement and increasing attention for sustainability
  • Supporting a strong management team in the transition from a family business to professionalised business operations
  • Unique and circular service concept with high recurring sales due to the installed base of mobile filters and the reactivation of saturated activated carbon;
  • Invested in a 3rd reactivation oven to enable strong growth and investment in a 4th reactivation oven in preparation
  • Logistic hubs opened in Poland and Spain and investments made in partnerships in order to accelerate growth and increase operating range

"AAC has supported us in sharpening and implementing our strategy and using their network to further help Desotec. In recent years we have grown even harder than planned and are now market leader in Europe."

Mario Hertegonne, CEO Desotec

Investment date

2011 - 2017

Deal type

Internationalisation / Transition family-owned business


Organic growth


€ 50 million