27 January 2022

Cybersecurity specialist TrueGEN continues together with IT service provider Savaco

Kortrijk, January 27, 2022 – Savaco announces a strategic partnership with TrueGEN. The acquisition of the Antwerp based cybersecurity specialist TrueGEN is fully in line with the growth ambitions of Savaco. By joining forces, Savaco further expands its portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions and increases its regional footprint in Flanders. Savaco sees its turnover increase to 47 million euros and grows to more than 220 employees.

“By bringing the TrueGEN team on board in the Savaco family, we are further strengthening our capacity and skills in building powerful security solutions. With TrueGEN we are expanding our portfolio and we are bringing in extra knowledge. We are therefore convinced that we can support both TrueGEN and Savaco customers even better with their digital challenges and by optimizing their cybersecurity.” said co-founder and co-CEO of Savaco Rik Vandemoortele in a first reaction.

Further underlining growth ambitions

Founded in 1991 by Carl Sabbe and Rik Vandemoortele, Savaco is a technology company that guides companies and organizations in their journey towards digital transformation. With 9 Trends Gazelle nominations awarded, sustainable growth is the common thread throughout Savaco's history. With the entry of financial partner AAC Capital in early 2018, the acquisition of cloud integrator IT-Care in 2020, Ghent-based Atri Services in May 2021, CRM specialist Thrives in June 2021 and now the close collaboration with TrueGEN, Savaco is further strengthening its growth ambitions.

Carl Sabbe, co-founder of Savaco, about this fourth expansion in two years: “Our ambition is to continue to grow sustainably. We want to systematically further increase our footprint in the IT landscape. With the arrival of TrueGEN we have further strengthened the organisation. So we are extremely proud of this new partnership and welcome the TrueGEN team with open arms.”

Sofie Prosperi, founder of TrueGEN, is also enthusiastic about this new step and emphasizes the common mission: "TrueGEN has been focusing on providing tailor-made security solutions for our customers for 10 years. After an intensive process of information exchange, discussions and research, we have found a complementary partner in Savaco to realize our further growth ambitions. We see a range of opportunities for synergies and, moreover, there are many similarities in our culture and DNA. Together with Savaco we can guide our customers even better towards a 'secure future' ."
Strong in building cybersecurity platforms together

Cybersecurity is a very much alive theme. After all, the urge for digitization is forcing companies to arm themselves more strongly than ever against many cyber threats. Both parties can already boast of a proven track record and a great deal of expertise in designing and building secure IT platforms tailored to companies and organizations in Flanders and beyond. Both Savaco and TrueGEN have the trust of many reputable customers.
What does this step mean for existing customers? “Due to the complementarity of the businesses, this means a significant strengthening and expansion of the security portfolio for all customers, both for products and services,” explains Vandemoortele. “TrueGEN customers now have access to the expanded Savaco portfolio, on the one hand in hybrid cloud, connectivity, and on the other hand around applications such as Microsoft365, Dynamics365 Customer Engagement, CAD & PLM, Enterprise Service Management, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and Augmented Reality.”

Customers and employees are again the biggest winners

Sofie Prosperi is happy to pick up on this: “At TrueGEN we always try to unburden our customers in terms of network security. With Savaco by our side, we can take this even further. Our customers can continue to count on our expertise in securing their IT environment, but our offer will also be strengthened by the know-how and expertise of Savaco.

“I fully agree with this.” adds Vandemoortele. “I also think it's important that we can offer the employees of TrueGEN and Savaco even more career opportunities and opportunities. Our employees will now be able to work on even more challenging projects for different clients in various sectors. This will lead to beautiful cross-synergies. This will undoubtedly benefit our customers and our employees.”
The existing base in Massenhoven will be retained. Sofie Prosperi of TrueGEN will remain on board and will remain in charge of day-to-day management.

About Savaco
Savaco was founded in 1991 and has grown into a technology company that guides companies and organizations in their journey to digital transformation. Savaco has built up a strong reputation and has offices in Kortrijk, Poperinge, Ghent and Leuven. Savaco has an extensive portfolio of renowned industrial and service customers.

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About TrueGEN

Founded in 2011, TrueGEN specializes in custom network security. By maintaining this focus and strong technical expertise, TrueGEN has built a strong reputation among many companies in the Benelux. From their office in Massenhoven, 20+ employees are ready on a daily basis to provide customers with professional support in the field of cybersecurity.