Sdu Publishing Transformation of state-owned company


Sdu Publishing is a professional publisher with leading positions in the legal, government and fiscal segment as well as in ICT/construction in the B2B segment. Sdu Publishing has a 45% share and management control in Juris, the market leader in online legal issues in Germany.

Doubling of online sales

Doubling of online sales

6 add-on acquisitions

6 add-on acquisitions




  • Management buy-out in partnership with ambitious management
  • Accelerate online sales growth - from 23% in 2007 to 45% in 2012
  • Product development and investment in content (development of new legal domains), information solutions (E-government), databases
  • Strengthen competitiveness in legal domains through 6 add-on acquisitions
  • Transition of a former state-owned company by investing in people and increasing the commercial drive
  • Focus on operational efficiency in order to offset the expected loss of return in the government segment
  • Growth diversification of Juris - 10% profit growth per year
  • Sold to Editions Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS), an international publisher

“Over the past years, Sdu, in good cooperation and with full support of its shareholders, successfully accelerated its products and market development and services offering through a further transition from printed materials to online publications and services. As a consequence, Sdu’s market position has improved offering more ‘need to know’ information and services to our customers.”

Sam van Oostrom, CEO Sdu

Investment date

2007 - 2013

Deal type

Management Buy Out / Carve-out




€ 120 million