IMCD Internationalisation via buy-and-build


IMCD is the market leader in marketing, sales and distribution of specialty chemicals, food and pharmaceutical ingredients. It has offices and department stores in 34 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. IMCD represents manufacturers from all over the world whose chemicals are used in many markets and which are essential to thousands of products.

14 add-on acquisities

14 add-on acquisities

10 new locations

10 new locations

EBITDA doubled

EBITDA doubled


  • Partnership with a strong and internationally-experienced management team
  • Strengthen position as pan-European leader in specialty chemicals
  • Autonomous growth acceleration via upselling and geographic cross-selling
  • Buy-and-build growth acceleration through 14 selective acquisitions.
  • Position building in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, China and Malaysia
  • Sold to an international investor who brought it to the Amsterdam stock exchange after another successful growth acceleration

Investment date

2005 - 2011

Deal type

Management Buy Out




€ 880 million