Hobré Instruments Internationalisation of a niche technology company


Hobré Instruments designs, manufactures and maintains specialised online analysis equipment aimed at improving sustainability, compliance and efficiency in companies active in oil & gas, chemicals, steel and foodstuffs. Hobré has a leading position worldwide in its niche and sells its portfolio of self-developed analysers and services to a broad portfolio of leading customers, such as BP, ExxonMobil, GE, Shell, Statoil, Nestlé, BASF, DOW and Mitsubishi.


Branch office opened in the US

Branch office opened in the US

25% growth in 2016 order book

25% growth in 2016 order book

Strengthening of core business

Strengthening of core business


  • Attractive, structurally-growing niche market driven by increasing attention for sustainability, compliance and efficiency (harmful emissions, gas variation and energy use)
  • International growth by rolling-out self-developed analysers based on specific applications and added value to both existing customers and new blue chip customers
  • Investments in product development, such as an analyser based on laser technology
  • Commercial acceleration via strengthening and expansion of the organisation and focus on key account management and value based selling
  • Opening of local sales and service offices close to customers - branch office already opened in the United States (Houston)
  • Growth of service and spares business
  • Strengthening of the core - inflow of external talent in commerce, purchasing, services and finance, new ERP system
  • Accelerate growth via selective add-on acquisitions focused on location expansion and adjacent products and services

"Open, direct and fact-based collaboration with a very realistic approach. Good in-depth discussions and input from other perspectives; Casual, inspiring feet-on-table sessions that always deliver results."

Marc de Leeuw, CEO Hobré Instruments

Investment date

2014 - current

Deal type

Management Buy Out


Organic growth


€ 25 million