Baarsma Wine Group International expansion and consolidation


Baarsma Wine Group is the largest independent wine distributor of the Benelux, which also operates in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. The group provides business-to-business (B2B) purchasing, bottling and distribution of proprietary and licenced brands to the retail and catering sector and sells over 70 million bottles a year.

Benelux market leader

Benelux market leader

6 add-on acquisitions

6 add-on acquisitions

€ 100 million sales growth

€ 100 million sales growth


  • Partnership with management to complete implemented growth strategy
  • Implement buy-and-build strategy in North Western Europe to realise regional market leadership in an end market that is still fragmented
  • Within one month of the takeover, the first acquisition was completed. In total, 6 add-on acquisitions have been realised to date. This includes brands such as La Tulipe and Canei, companies in Switzerland and the United Kingdom and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms
  • Focus on utilising commercial and operational economies of scale
  • After strong growth in 2015, the e-commerce activities were sold to a Dutch investor

Investment date

2007 - 2017

Deal type

Management Buy Out




€ 210 million